Salvage of a vessel can most simply be defined as any situation that causes the vessel and her contents or occupants peril which can not be remedied by time or tide.  The vessel however cannot make way under its own power without further assistance without additional peril. This still MIGHT not be a salvage. Your TowBoatUS Captain will tell you if it is a Salvage situation. Atlantic Coast Marine Group offers Emergency Response, Marine Salvage and Wreck Removal. 


Emergency Response

Our large fleet is available 24 hours a day and 365 days with a rapid response when you need it most.


Marine Salvage

With proven salvage solutions, our large fleet can help you salvage everything you can.


Wreck Removal

With safety at the heart of every job, our large fleet can complete any wreck removal task.

Salvage Response

  • Surf Rescue

  • Airbag

  • Dive Service

  • Marine Recovery

  • Sunken Vessel Recovery

  • Dewatering

  • Sinkings

  • Boat Fire

  • Hard Groundings

  • Prop Disentanglement


Salvage vs Tow has been an ongoing center of controversy in and around the coastal waters throughout the United States. No one ever wants to think their boat needed to be salvaged from a wreck upon a shoal or saved from the peril of sitting upon a rock jetty; but it does happen. Boats sink and get hit by lightening. They get leaks and hoses that break for no apparent reason. BE PREPARED. It can happen to you.


The biggest controversy on Salvage vs Tow is how is it going to be paid for? TowBoatUS Membership does not cover incidents of salvage but in most instances your hulls insurance coverage will cover the expense. Be sure to understand your boats insurance policy thoroughly. TowBoatUS Beaufort has made this easy for you! We now offer Boat Insurance through Latitude 34 Marine Insurance! For more information about Latitude 34 Marine Insurance please visit