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Welcome to our new website! We hope we have included as much information as you need to help with your next outing on the water. On the main page we have added a quick access location for the current weather radar, forecast and tides. In the following pages we spend a little time introducing you to the folks behind the scenes and our Captains out of the waters of Crystal Coast of NC and the NC Lakes that we cover. On our News page you can always find out where TowBoat US is going to be participating in Boat Shows, Conferences and Seminars relevant to our industry. Check often too for specials on new memberships and renewal offers!

Please let our administrator know if there is anything you would like to see on our site. If we feel it is relevant to our business model then it will be added.


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Q & A for the 2017 Boating Season

We have fielded quite a few calls already this boating season and hope to help prepare boat owners and our members by providing helpful information to protect their investment as well as all passenger

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

If you have never had need to call on the USCG or TowBoatUS while underway, then you can count your blessings! It happens to the best of Boaters everyday though so why not be prepared “just in case?”