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TowBoat US is ready for BOATING WEATHER!

Don't know about you but TowBoat US Beaufort and TowBoat US NC Lakes are itching to get out on the water! We have been busy gearing up for a great - and safe - boating season. This weekend there are a few events to help "kick off" the season. Rollingview Marina on Falls Lake is kicking off the boating season with a family and visitors day. Our Captain Chad and Captain Brian may be seen out and about on or around the lake and the marina. Be sure to tell them hi and let them check your TowBoat US Membership to make sure it is current. Capt Jeff will be "joining forces" with the Core of Engineers for a Safety Day at Jordan Lake. We also have plans to attend any local fishing tournaments on the lakes this summer. Please let one of our guys know if you want our help or call us at 919-303-1669. Tell Captain Lee you want him to come show you how to fish! :-)

Last weekend our guys were at the Morehead City West Marine Store for Appreciation Day. Signed up some new members and renewed a few more. West Marine is great about having sidewalk sales and customer appreciation days throughout the summer. I will try and announce any that I hear about. They always have give-aways and discounts on various boating items when they have these sales.

Feel free to call anytime to check the status of your towing membership. 252-728-5088 You don't want to find yourself stranded without coverage. Non-Member towing rates can be as much as $300.00 per hour plus any fees for boats aground, weather advisories and PM rates. It wouldn't be a bad idea also to check with your insurance carrier that provides your hull insurance to make sure you are current. With the price of EVERYTHING going up these days you don't want to have to pay for anything more than is necessary. For only $149.00 per year you can cover any recreational boat you own, borrow or happen to rent for the day for any amount of per incident towing, soft ungrounding, and fuel deliveries and jump starts away from your home port. That is $149.00 PER YEAR! Do you know of a better bargain for a boat owner? (Great gift idea too by the way)


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