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How Do I Call TowBoatUS???

I just got a call from a member that had questions about the best way to get in touch with TowBoatUS. There are many answers to that question so let me begin by telling you what I think is the best way to get in touch with TowBoatUS…….CALL US LOCALLY! Now this may not be the favored way at BoatUS Corporate – although they get their fair share of phone calls on any given weekend. However – and now this is going to be the hardest to accept – sometimes the member is not sure of what they are calling about! Our Unlimited member John that just called after calling TowBoatUS Dispatch last week, said he broke down at a dock and needed a tow to the ramp which was about 200 yards down the waterway. John had been having lunch at a restaurant that had a dock for patrons and when he went to start his boat after lunch to head back it would not start! The TowBoatUS Dispatcher heard “dock-to-dock” so the member that had allowed his membership to lapse before renewing the previous week was told that he would have to wait 30 days for a tow.

Lots of problems and misconceptions happened in that short 2 minute call. First of all – John now thought that he could not use his membership for 30 days. FALSE! Membership goes into effect at midnight of the night that you sign up. What happened however was that TowBoatUS Dispatcher thought that the member was at a home dock. Had that been the case the Unlimited Member would have to wait for a period of no less than 30 days and would then be required to pay up to ½ of the tow charges. TowBoatUS coverage is defined as “emergency towing” so if your boat starts out at the home dock there is obviously no “emergency” that would require a tow. Unlimited GOLD coverage allows for a 100% PAID dock-to-dock tow after a waiting period (90 days?) designed also to allow for larger vessels that stay in the water to be able to have transport to a repair facility. This membership costs extra but is definitely worth it if you need your boat towed to a repair or haulout facility.

Another way to contact TowBoat US is by installing and using your Boat US app on your smart phone. All you have to do is push the “Call Now For A Tow’ icon and you are immediately connected to Boat US (Corp) Dispatch. Another icon allows you to “Share Your (GPS) Position” which is also displayed at the top of your screen. The third icon allows you to surf the Boat US Directory. The app is FREE and can be found in your market by searching “Boat US.”

But back to my choice of “How To Call” – dial 252-728-5088 or your local tower. Put the number in the cell phone RIGHT NOW and call us direct. We are here 24/7/365 and ask all the right questions to get you taken care of as fast as possible. And now I know – I left off VHF radio. You can certainly hail “TowBoatUS” on VHF Channel 16 anytime – day or night. We monitor the channel 24/7/365 also. It’s helpful too if you say where you are located when you hail – for example “TowBoatUS Beaufort” or “TowBoatUS Big Rock.” The tower local to your position will answer and switch you to their working channel.

There are many ways to call – JUST CALL US! My ole boss used to say “Call me if you need me – Need me if you call me!” Give us a call either way – we’re listening!


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