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Every TowBoatUS Member should have the BoatUS App installed on their smartphone (if you have a smartphone). This app is amazing if you do ANY amount of boating. It so simple to download too. Simply go to your app store (either Iphone App Store or Droid Google Play) and search for BoatUS. It's a FREE APP and provides so much information. I did a few screen shots of my app just to show you some of the features -

This is a picture of the Home Screen. You always have a digital copy of your membership card handy as well as current GPS position and weather.

The menu screen shows all the options you could possibly need while on the water. Does everything but pay for fuel!

But another handy feature is that the app will provide you a service directory that lets you know who offers fuel discounts for BoatUS Members! AND you have a digital copy of your card with you to provide your membership information. 

Need tide info and forgot to check your tide clock before you left? No Problem!

Ready to get the app? Here is a handy QR Code to take you right to the download screen!

We are always here standing by too if you need help downloading the app, need your member information and of course if you need a tow! Call us anytime 24/7/365....252-728-5088 ext 0 and you will be directly in contact with our dispatcher or Captain on Duty if it is after hours.

Don't have a TowBoatUS Membership but want to know more information??? Call us anytime and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

TowBoatUS has more ports on the Coast than any other on-the-water towing service. More Ports means More Boats on the water ready to assist which equals FASTER RUN TIME!


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