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A Word About Membership

The Basics of TowBoat U.S. Membership are just this – DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOCK WITHOUT IT! Just because you “are getting the magazine” does not mean that you have the coverage you need. One phone call to our office can give you the piece of mind that your day on the water is not going to be your “OH MY GOSH THIS WAS EXPENSIVE” day on the water. Non-member towing starts at $300.00 per hour. That is the time our Tow Captain leaves the dock, assists you with your distress, re-fuels his tow boat and returns to home base. So the absolute very least a tow would cost you (in a very rare instance) would be $300.00. And please do keep in mind how much time it took YOU to get where you are before you tell our tow captain that your tow should not take more than one hour!

Additional costs are added if your vessel is aground. If you are hard aground it could be an insurance case. Groundings for non-members start at $15.00 per foot times the length of the vessel. Small craft advisory can add $30.00 per hour to your tow and P.M. rates add $25.00 per hour to your tow. We are already at over $800.00 for a one hour grounder on a 30’ boat!

And sure, you can call your friend to come help you. But what did your friend do to you????? Now their day is re-routed! And they have to get their boat in the water and head your way. If you are aground you have the further chance of liability to your friend’s boat. Is that really worth the risk???

For only $149.00 per year you are covered on any recreational vessel that you own, charter or happen to rent for the day. You are covered 100% on any per incident breakdown for on the water towing, soft-ungrounding and fuel delivery and jump starts away from your home dock. If you keep your boat in the water year round you may want to consider the GOLD Membership that allows for 100% coverage of dock-to-dock tows and also pays for delivery of fuel or a jump start at your home dock.

You have made the investment of a lifetime to enjoy boat ownership – why would you not have a membership for those days that don’t give you 100% satisfaction? TowBoat U.S. Membership is by far the least expensive with the must reward that you can purchase for your boat. P.S. – your family is covered too!!!!!


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