Environmental Services

Atlantic Coast Marine Response (ACMR) Environmental Service specializes in Emergency Response and disaster recovery and related services, professionally conducting cleanup and recovery operations for thousands of spills and other incidents each year using highly trained, experienced and proficient personnel. With decades of combined experience dealing in a wide array of emergencies, ACMR's major projects have included large-scale petroleum products, chemical and hazardous material spills, transportation accidents, biological threats, and post-hurricane cleanup / recovery. From roadside hazardous material releases to large-scale oil spills, ACMR Environmental Services brings all the essential elements - timing, equipment, location and personnel - to our clients.

Rapid Response Times to Minimize Impact

Professionally Trained and Experienced Response Personnel

Unparalled Resources - Equipment, Materials, Personnel

Practical and Technically Sound Solutions

Client-Focused, Safty-Oriented and Quality Driven Strategies

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United States Coast Guard Contractor BOA HSCG84-14-A-P00017

United States Coast Guard Oil Spill and Response Organization OSRO

# 547


Oil & Fuel Spills

The sooner an oil or fuel spill is cleaned up and the damage is mitigated, the better the outcome

Fire departments and emergency response

Chemical Spills

Chemical Spills have the potential to become serious health hazards and threats to humans and the environment



Proper decontamination and disposal of hazardous material is important for minimal environmental impact


HAZMat Spills

A HAZMat spill is a known serious health hazard/s and threat to humans and the surrounding environment, and by law must be handled as such

At Atlantic Coast Marine Group / Atlantic Coast Marine Response Environmental Services we specialize in disaster recovery.  Our decades of combined experience in dealing with a wide array of emergencies, as well as our geographically targeted response locations, allows ACMR to provide total readiness in a Natural Disaster situation. ACMR's major projects have included snow / ice-storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning strikes.